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Preservation Bath Seeks Nominations for Preservation Awards

Warm Springs VA—June 6, 2017—Preservation Bath is soliciting nominations for its third annual Preservation Awards. The recipients will be announced at a special event on Sunday, October 8.

“We created these awards in 2015 as a way to recognize those who have taken action to save, protect and restore buildings, archaeological sites, and cultural landscapes in Bath County,” said Janice McWilliams, Treasurer of Preservation Bath.

Board member Scott Miller explained that nominations can be made for three awards. “The Bath County Heritage Award recognizes recent activities by an individual, business or group to promote the preservation of historic structures within the county. The Legacy Preservation Award recognizes significant past preservation accomplishments. And, the Preservation Activist Award will be presented to an individual whose efforts set the example for the rest of us to follow.”

Nomination forms are available here or by email at

“Scott, Lee Elliott and I are looking forward to receiving nominations,” Janice McWilliams added. “There are so many great examples of work done to protect our historic treasures. We will have a tough job choosing the winners.”

  • In 2015, the Legacy Preservation Award awarded to the old Ashwood School. The Heritage Award went to Meadow Lane’s 1860 House. Howard Hammond and Bucky Mottern received the Preservation Activist Award.
  • In 2016, the Legacy Preservation Award went to the Old Homestead Dairy, while the Heritage Award was presented to the old Webb’s Store, and the Preservation Activist Award went to Perlista Henry.
  • The 2017 awards will be presented during Preservation Bath’s Third Annual Preservation Lecture on Sunday, October 8.

Contact: Janice McWilliams 540-839-2190 or Scott Miller 540-925-2495

2nd Annual Preservation Lecture
Click here for the slides from Gibson Worsham’s lecture “The Warm Springs Baths—Their History and Preservation.”

Preservation Bath is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Bath County’s cultural and architectural heritage. Local preservation efforts promote a more vibrant community, make good business sense and honor our shared history.

Preservation Bath seeks to protect endangered places. Historic places need our attention. Destruction, development and deterioration rob us of places that tell our story. In concert with others, Preservation Bath works to shine a spotlight on special places in our community. The attention being paid to the Gibson Cottage, built in the 1840’s on the grounds of the Warm Springs Hotel, illustrates the advantages of working in collaboration with preservation partners—the Bath County Historical Society, Preservation Virginia and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. Preservation Bath is working with our preservation partners to support the efforts of The Omni Homestead Resort to rehabilitate the Warm Springs Pools. Other properties have been lost to indifference and neglect.

Preservation Bath advocates for the responsible stewardship of historic places. For the first time, in 2015, Preservation Bath has recognized local preservationists, celebrating best practice and community-spirited volunteer efforts. Bath County officials, working with Preservation Bath, added language to the 2015 Comprehensive Plan designed to strengthen preservation efforts. Working with others to influence public opinion and public policy advances preservation efforts.

Preservation Bath works to educate the community. Preservation Bath identifies resources and expertise and shares information about preservation best practices. By making an economic argument for using the Federal Historic Tax Credit program and the Virginia Rehabilitation Tax Credit program, Preservation Bath encourages property owners to undertake preservation work. Rehabilitating qualifying structures makes good business sense for both the property owner and the community. When history is honored and an important place is protected, the fabric of the community is strengthened.